Location sharing via Google Maps

While traveling for the holidays it’s a great idea to share your real-time location with the people you choose.

Give your friends and families a real time ETA .

It’s simple you pick the people you want to share your location with and the duration that you want to share the location with them.

For more info visit https://support.google.com/maps/answer/7326816?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en


Quick add event from email (Google)

Did you know that you can add information to your calendar directly from your email?
Gmail has an awesome smart feature built in that will notice if an email that you have received has a date or time within the email itself.
When this happens, you will notice a dotted line under the date(s) and/or the time(s):

When you hover over the date/time you will notice the following pop-up:

Finally, when you click on the date/time, a quick add will appear and allow you to add an event to your calendar:

————[ example in action ]————

Get from behind the desk

Next time you are presenting to a class or group try to move from behind the desk in order to make your presentation more dynamic. My technology solution to this is easy and cheap. For the past couple of years I’ve utilised a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse.


is the USB Wireless Keyboard / Mouse that I have that I use in my room. It is nice because I put it on a cart and move it around the room. I actually have 2 of them. One at my desk and the other on the rolling cart 🙂 Best part is that it is only $14.99 !!!!!!

Google Calendar – Required vs Optional Participants

As you know, when creating a calendar event you can add required guests but did you know that you can define each guest as either being required or optional?
Step 1: Add your guests to an event
Step 2: Click on the silhouette of the person icon next to their name. The figure will turn white to indicate that their participation in this event is optional. You can also use this to keep someone in the loop of a meeting as an FYI.


While attending the GACTE conference this summer, there was a number of questions about what people are using to create their screencast. I thought I’d share some of my favorites applications / software: