G Suite Updates: More collaboration insights in the Activity dashboard

Starting today! (It will take 1-3 days to roll out to everyone)
The ability to see more collaboration insights using the Activity dashboard.
See who did what in the group project, when did they open the file, who shared access to a file, etc.
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Lessons learned in 2018:

Lessons learned in 2018:

– Tell the people you care about that you love them. It has been 22 years since my grandma passed and 12 since my grandpa & mom passed. They passed away 3 months apart.

– Tell people when you miss them.

– Hug them when you see them and hug them before you leave.

– Yes, getting that call back about something being spotted in your mammogram is scary but schedule your appointment anyways.

– Wear sunscreen! That chemo cream on your face, around your eye is no joke! It felt like holes were burnt into my face.

– Be kind to your knees! You’ll miss them when they are gone.

– Know what you are allergic to! Removing Gold and reducing dust has made a world of difference….. Plus no more Fruit Loops for me šŸ¤®

– Know that great loves have come and gone. Wish them best. Hope that they find what they are looking for. Move on. There are other people who need you in their lives.

– Don’t take for granted your family. One day they might get tired and move on as well.

– Finally, pick your battles! Life is too short to be miserable and hateful.

What have you learned?

Love & Logic

As I was brushing up on my “Teaching with Love and Logic”, something popped out at me and I wonder what your thoughts were on the subject.
p.s. if you are a teacher I highly recommend taking a look at Jim Fay’s & David Funk’s book “Teaching with Love & Logic”.Ā  I give it āœ®āœ®āœ®āœ®āœ®!
pg. 19 & 20
Great teachers know that you cannot overpower students, but you can get them to behave, or do theirĀ assignments,Ā because they want to please their teacher.
A great salesperson said to me once:
“You can’t make people angry and sell them something at the same time.”
The only people who think you can,” he said, “are highly educated people, like teachers, who thinkĀ you can get into an adversarialĀ position with students and then sell ’em on the idea of doing what you want.”
Great teachersĀ have discovered that a large part of their success is due to their ability to establish positive relationships with children.
One of the rules of the psychology of self-concept states:
“Human being will perform for the person they love.”
If a person loves himself, he will do it for himself. If he does not have that high self-esteem or belief in self, he will have to do it for someone else until the time comes that he does love himself.

Easy dry/wet wipe

As some of us have already started planning for next school year there are a couple of things to think about.

  • Anything smooth could be used as a dry/wet wipe surface
  • Clear contact paper is an awesome away to either laminate your stuff and/or convert something to a smooth surface for dry/wet wipe.
  • Picture frames & placemats are a wonderful dry/wet wipe surface.
  • Yes, Pinterest in an amazing repository of creative solutions but look around you in your daily life and you will be inspired by those around you.