How to install fonts in Google Drive/Doc

Google Drive

As some of you may already know, I really like Google. I enjoy most of the apps that Google have put out and I use some of them daily. As a high school teacher I have noticed that more and more students either no not own the Microsoft Office Software and/or they have a hard time keeping up with a portable drive such as a jump drive. I have found that Google Drive/Doc has really become a life saver to some of those students. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Microsoft products as well but I admit I like the ability to collaborate with other teachers and/or students via Google Drive/Docs.

As a Graphic Designer I love my fonts! I was disappointed to see so few fonts in Google Drive/Docs. A few months ago I heard another designer talk about “Google Fonts”. I started to think about it and I wanted to figure out how to install more fonts into my Google Drive/Docs. Once I found out how to accomplish this, I admit, I felt a silly. It is so simple and if I would have just read the screen, like my dad always told me, I would have known the answer to this question a long time ago.

Here are some simple and easy steps to install more fonts into your Google Drive/Doc.


What did I tell you… it is really that easy! Happy Googling!


How AWESOME is Google!!!!

In my classroom I/We use Google daily and not just to search. It is amazing the things you can do. My students feel empowered to keep and update a calendar with important dates and time for them… including homework 🙂 I actually required that all my students have a Google account. They must update and maintain their calendars and have a professional email address. Of course they love iGoogle because you can play games, read blogs, quick view their calendars, and of course, through Google Chrome, they can play Angry Birds (not at school of course). I love everything that Google has to offer and I hope to one day became a Google Certified Instructor!!!! If you are a teacher and want to learn more about Google Apps and their use in the classroom you can visit:

and to view the Google Docs Slide Show you can go to

Now, how are you using Google in your classroom?