Google Calendar – Required vs Optional Participants

As you know, when creating a calendar event you can add required guests but did you know that you can define each guest as either being required or optional?
Step 1: Add your guests to an event
Step 2: Click on the silhouette of the person icon next to their name. The figure will turn white to indicate that their participation in this event is optional. You can also use this to keep someone in the loop of a meeting as an FYI.

How to install fonts in Google Drive/Doc

Google Drive

As some of you may already know, I really like Google. I enjoy most of the apps that Google have put out and I use some of them daily. As a high school teacher I have noticed that more and more students either no not own the Microsoft Office Software and/or they have a hard time keeping up with a portable drive such as a jump drive. I have found that Google Drive/Doc has really become a life saver to some of those students. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Microsoft products as well but I admit I like the ability to collaborate with other teachers and/or students via Google Drive/Docs.

As a Graphic Designer I love my fonts! I was disappointed to see so few fonts in Google Drive/Docs. A few months ago I heard another designer talk about “Google Fonts”. I started to think about it and I wanted to figure out how to install more fonts into my Google Drive/Docs. Once I found out how to accomplish this, I admit, I felt a silly. It is so simple and if I would have just read the screen, like my dad always told me, I would have known the answer to this question a long time ago.

Here are some simple and easy steps to install more fonts into your Google Drive/Doc.


What did I tell you… it is really that easy! Happy Googling!

iGoogle Homepage

If you are like me you love to learn new things. I feel as if I always have to get my learn on and my setting up an iGoogle homepage it allows me to do that. My iGoogle page is full of blog postings from others as well as my Google Reader as well as picture of the day from National Geographic. I use my iGoogle page to help organize my life, to learn and to get inspired. My iGoogle homepage helps me with not only my professional teaching career but my personal life as well.  Take a look and I encourage you to set up your own if you haven’t already.

Google Voice

Have you tried Google Voice yet? About four days ago I finally decided to give Google Voice a try thanks to the advice given by friends via Google+.  I have to admit I think I am in love!!!! This has to be one of the coolest things from Google, well next to the labs, calendar and YouTube.

So, what is Google Voice?
Basically, you get a Google phone number. You can give this number out to anyone you want.  When someone calls that Google phone number the phone call will be forwarded to any phone you want or directly to your voicemail. As a teacher this is awesome because if you have to give out your cell phone number to students and parents for things like overnight trip with your students you can give them your Google number instead of your personal number for emergencies.  You can also assign different greetings to different callers. Your “friends” can get a personal greeting while your parents and students can get a more professional, school appropriate greeting.

NOW, if that is not cool enough, when your missed calls go to voicemail they will go to your Google Voicemail instead. Not only does the person get a personal greeting but the voicemail is sent to your phone as well as your website…. AND that’s not it….  Google will also transcribe your voicemail for you as well and if you want, Google will send that transcribed voicemail to your email and/or to your phone as a text message!!!! (keep in mind that the transcriptions are about 85% correct)

So, how do you get started, go to and log into your Google account.  (I would suggest that before you login to watch the video on the Google Voice homepage.) Something to remember, make sure on the left side of your page you will see something that says “Your Number…” click on that and click on add Google phone number.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to Google Voice. To learn more you can just YouTube the keywords Google Voice 🙂