How to install fonts in Google Drive/Doc

Google Drive

As some of you may already know, I really like Google. I enjoy most of the apps that Google have put out and I use some of them daily. As a high school teacher I have noticed that more and more students either no not own the Microsoft Office Software and/or they have a hard time keeping up with a portable drive such as a jump drive. I have found that Google Drive/Doc has really become a life saver to some of those students. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Microsoft products as well but I admit I like the ability to collaborate with other teachers and/or students via Google Drive/Docs.

As a Graphic Designer I love my fonts! I was disappointed to see so few fonts in Google Drive/Docs. A few months ago I heard another designer talk about “Google Fonts”. I started to think about it and I wanted to figure out how to install more fonts into my Google Drive/Docs. Once I found out how to accomplish this, I admit, I felt a silly. It is so simple and if I would have just read the screen, like my dad always told me, I would have known the answer to this question a long time ago.

Here are some simple and easy steps to install more fonts into your Google Drive/Doc.


What did I tell you… it is really that easy! Happy Googling!


Social Media in the Classroom: Introduction to Edmodo

What can I say, not only do I love Edmodo but more importantly, my students love Edmodo. This school year we decided to try something new, let’s meet the students were they live…. On the Internet through the use of social media. As most schools, websites such as Facebook, Google +, MySapce, LinkedIn, etc. are blocked in the public school setting by law. While at a conference last summer, I was introduced to the FREE for schools social media site called Edmodo. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure that high school students would really jump on the bandwagon but they did… and they LOVE it!!!! They were even excited to learn that there was even an App they can download to their phones, in which they do use, for FREE. I have a lot of students who may not have a lot of access to their home computer but they always have their smart phone or tablets on them. Now, of course, I also have students that don’t have a computer at home, not a smart phone, but I am lucky to have a computer lab as my classroom in which they have access to our class on Edmodo.

If you are a teacher and have not tried Edmodo yet, I really would like you to take a look. A few words to the wise make sure you set ground rules and keep it professional. It has made my life so much easier and I know that the students are always engaged!

Social media and the use of it in the classroom

After watching the Casey Anthony trial on TV the news/media started to talk about why this trial is so BIG and why so many people were so interested in this trail. One reason, they said, was that it was this was the “first social media trial“. It really got me thinking about the power of social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc…. I wonder if social media is so powerful, what if we used the powers for good and not evil, and tried to use it in the classroom. I have my personal thought about if and/or when it should or shouldn’t be used. I would like to see what you all have to say and then I will tell you my thoughts.

So here’s my question for you all… What do you think?

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After viewing the poll it does seem like many of you think that we should use social media in the classroom somehow. Now here’s the question, how, when, where, etc. There are many questions that come up. My friend Amy and I have been taking about helping students become more of a “Responsible Digital Citizen”. I think that it wouldn’t work currently because students, and as we have seen, adult, don’t know how to use social media responsibly, i.e. the Anthony Weener incidents!!! But I think if we introduce it and teach students how to use it and remind them that this is not a private diary, that anyone at any point can and will look at your entries. Now it might be just a friend reading it, or a spouse, or an employer, but rest assure it will be read. A friend once told me that if you didn’t want something published on the front page of the newspaper for all to see then don’t do it. I think the same goes here. If you don’t want EVERYONE to read it then don’t post it.

I think if teachers use the powers for good and not evil it can be a good thing, i.e. remind students of due date, extra resources for assignments, etc. But I think we as educators have to follow some other rules. If you are going to create a Facebook page make it a Fan Page instead. Post only things related to your subject area. Avoid posting things that are personal. Never friend a student. For school consider a social media site that is more for education, such as instead. It is a wonderful resource and the best part it is FREE!!!

On your personal, secured page, I would even avoid friending graduates, they are still friends with your current students!!! Also keep in mind, like I stated earlier, social media is not a private diary, somehow someway it will be read. Only post things that you feel comfortable about everyone reading. Finally, as for your personally Facebook site, only friend people that you and trust personally. Twitter is more for following people you don’t know or you find interesting.