Evernote…. how I use it

Why is Evernote so AWESOME ?!?!?!?!?

As a high school teacher, a committee member, family member, artist… I use Evernote daily!!!! Evernote is a FREE product that allows you to remember anything / everything. If you are like me, someone can ask me a question or tell me something but I can walk away and 5-minutes later I will have forgotten everything that was said 🙂 Evernote has really become my right hand man. I use it for shopping lists, reminders, notes, lesson plans, professional learning, etc.  If you not tried to use Evernote yet I really want to encourage you to do so. Below you’ll find a video tutorial overview of Evernote that I created. Enjoy!!!!


How to put youtube.com video in PowerPoint

okay, now you have downloaded the youtube video using my last blog post you want to insert that video in a PowerPoint that you have created. You’ll notice once you download the video it downloads as a “FLV” file. In order to insert that file in a PowerPoint you’ll need to convert it to a format that PowerPoint can recognize such as a WMV (windows) or MOV (mac). You can use a website such as http://www.mediaconverter.org/ or http://www.zamzar.com/ to convert the file. Once you convert the file you can insert you video into PowerPoint 🙂

How to download youtube.com videos

As a teacher we find all sorts of GREAT educational videos on youtube.com that we would like to show in class but…. youtube.com is blocked by our systems. We all know that youtube.com has some great videos on it but we also know that there are a lot of distractions on there as well.

So, how can I go around the block and bring that educational video in to class.

The good news is that it is very easy 🙂 Use one of the following links to download you video:

  1. savevid
  2. keepvid
  3. kissyoutube

please note there are several others out there but these are the ones that I have used a number of time. Once you go to the website just follow the directions.

Happy Downloading!!!!