IPEVO Document Camera – Software

I have used many different types and brands of document cameras in the classroom. Some larger, some more compact, some with higher pixel compression, and others with lower pixel compression. One brand that I have enjoyed has been IPEVO. As I was updating one of their programs I noticed that IPEVO has released a number of other programs/apps. I invite you to take a look and see what you think.
IPEVO Visualizer [ go to website ]

Enhance your USB camera experience with IPEVO newly developed IPEVO Visualizer software! IPEVO Visualizer features an intuitive UI that makes it simple to use. Plus, with its compatibility across different operating systems and handy tools such as Rotate, Mirror, Resolution selection, Exposure adjustment, Video Filters, Snapshot, Video Recording, and many more, you’re sure to enjoy the full benefit of your USB camera!watch video ]

IPEVO Presenter [ go to website ]
* NOTE:  this should already be installed on your teacher computer
IPEVO Presenter is designed for use with USB cameras, and it’s packed full of features to help you get the very most out of them. Some of the helpful tools include Live View; Video Recording; Review Mode; Resolution and Exposure adjustments; Mirror; Rotation; and automated Time-lapse photography. IPEVO Presenter is also available for *different operating systems, and it is absolutely free to download and use. From science experiments to art class and from math problems to history presentations, IPEVO Presenter and your USB camera have the power to bring materials to life and engage your students.
IPEVO Whiteboard [ go to website ]
Connect your wireless camera via WiFi to an iPad or Android Tablet using IPEVO Whiteboard. You can then display, customize, draw or annotate on the live image. You can also take snapshots or record videos, complete with annotations and audio. In addition, you can even transform your iPad or Android Tablet into a large interactive whiteboard by projecting the live image to a projection screen using your existing projector and Apple TV or Chromecast – all without wires getting into your way! The best part? IPEVO Whiteboard is absolutely free to download and use!
IPEVO Annotator go to website ]
Enjoy greater interactivity on your interactive whiteboard system by using IPEVO Annotator. It’s packed full of annotation tools that allow you to draw and annotate freely on images projected onto the screen. You can even further enhance your experience by using a screenshot, screen recording or other useful features that are available. The best part? IPEVO Annotator is available for free! So what are you waiting for?! Maximize your creativity and fully utilize the potential of your interactive whiteboard with IPEVO Annotator
Some awesome things you can do with your IPEVO
Photogrammetry with Ziggi-HD Plus
Text to Speech (multi-language)
Visit [ IPEVO video library ] to see more
Some of these products contain a “Photosensitive seizure warning”. [ click here to learn more ]



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