Eats, shoots, and leaves


Great read! A zero tolerance approach to punctuation! You ask yourself does the Panda… eats, shoots, and leaves or eats shoots and leaves…. idk?


2 thoughts on “Eats, shoots, and leaves

  1. Hi Kim, I was taught that no comma would be necessary in this example. If there were more than two items that the Panda eats, then a comma would be needed between the first two items. No comma would be necessary before the and in a listing of terms.

    • From what the English teacher told me…. the common after the word “shoots” is optional but you would need the common after the word “eats” since it is a list of three different things….. I guess it would depend on if “shoots and leaves” were considered one item as a whole or if “shoots” are seperate from the “leaves”. I’m not sure, the book was given to me by an English teacher. I should mail you a copy so you can take a look. It’s a quick read.

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