SkillsUSA 2014


SkillsUSA State Winner 2014, Tatiana Jorge, – Advertising Design

March of 2014 we took a number of students to Atlanta, GA to compete in their area of expertise. I’m pleased to say that I had a number of students participate, place, and win! I know might sound odd but I’m excited when I see students doing well. So well in fact that I when they win they almost throw up! Their sickness makes me smile! Not to worry, I’ve never had any actually vomit but they are just so excited to have won that their stomachs get a little sour for a minute but then they are fine. This past year at state I had Graphic Design students complete in a lot of different areas such as:

  • Advertising Design – Tatiana Jorge
  • T-Shirt Design – Amethyst Ortega as well as Lauren Wilds
  • Pin Design – Lauren Wilds as well as Amethyst Ortega
  • Promotional Bulletin Board – Sarah Lowe & Sunny Ramos
  • Computer Maintenance – James Prill
  • Photography – Trevor Martin
  • and Cole Pickard assisted with the Logistics group for Career Pathway Showcase

I’m excited to say that we had several 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!!!

  • Tatiana Jorge, 1st place in Advertising Design
  • Amethyst Ortega, 3rd place in SkillsUSA T-Shirt Design
  • Lauren Wilds, 2nd place in SkillsUSA Pin Design

Tatiana will now move on to the SkillsUSA National Competition in a couple of weeks! She will be competing in Advertising Design. Please comment on this post if you have any words of encouragement and/or advice for this young talent!


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