When did I start getting old?

Pick-Up-Sticks-Med-e1354545307629When Did I Start Getting Old?

So the other night I went to a friend’s house for dinner. After an excellent meal we decided to play the game “catch phrase”. While playing the game I started to wonder exactly when I started getting old. Just in case you’ve never played “catch phrase” basically how it work is like this: You have a phrase or word that you have to get your partner to guess but you can’t say the answer. You can talk all about it and make gestures and tell them if they got a part correct or not.

Anyways, It was my turn. I looked at my word and thought how easy this one would be. I started to explain it like this, “these are colorful, wooden pieces that you hold in your hand. You drop them on a table and then you have to lift each on from the pile.” Everyone just sat there. I think I heard crickets in the background. I then went on to say that it was popular in the 80’s (even though I know it was a popular game back in the 50’s…). Still nothing. I then said that the pieces came in a tube. Still nothing. By this point the time ran out and everyone looked at me. Someone asked what the answer was and I told them “Pick-up Sticks”. Well, apparently I was the only person who had played that game before. BTW which I loved as a child! Then I remembered that I was 8-10 years older than everyone else in the room. Needless to say that made me a little sad. Sad that I was that much older but sad that they never played Pick-up Sticks! How does that happen?


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