Time to de-crappify!

Organizing for Dummies

Organizing for Dummies by: Elizabeth Miles

My father came to visit not too long ago and he told me that I need to “de-crappify” my life. I know I’m an adult and all… but he is correct and It is true. When it comes to clutter, we are talking about physical, digital, mental, etc.! We have information and STUFF coming at us in all directions. Junk mail, calendar events, paperwork, friends, family, personal goals,… the list goes on and on. I need to get rid of things that I don’t need. I sat down and started looking over a book I bought years ago called “Organizing for Dummies”. As you might guess I started to read it but I never finished it. If so my dad wouldn’t be telling me to de-crappify. I’m the type of person who writes, highlights, and doodles in the books that I read. As you can imagine I was never able to sell my college books back to the bookstores 🙂 Anyways, thumbing through my notes I noticed that I highlighted several key ideas and phrases that really stood out for me. Things like:

“What if a tornado hit your house and whisked it away, what would you really need to start over again? What would you truly miss?”

Wow! That really got me to thinking. I started to look around my house and asked myself that question, “would I miss this?” and “do I really need this?” Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hoarder or anything. I am just a crafty gal with lots of different interests and talents in a very small house. The next highlighted piece I ran across was the following statement:

“if you were in an accident and in the hospital, how much would the world really suffer because you didn’t attend to all the obligation on your calendar?” 

Geez, that’s rough! Of course with my type ‘A’ personality I would think that everything would fall to the waste side but that just isn’t true.  I know that with that type ‘A’ personality, we all think that if it is going to get done right we all have to do things ourselves. While I love the feeling I get by helping someone learn, do, explore, etc. I know that they world would not stop if I wasn’t there to do it. I know that someone would be able to step into my shoes and do it OR that person would be able to help his / her self. There are fantastic resources such as Google, Bing, YouTube, WordPress, Podcast, etc.  I often tell my students that “if I were in school now I would totally rock it out! There are so many resources that I didn’t have when I was going through school”. I remember in elementary school that I had to pick only famous people to do reports on for the encyclopedia letters that we had. Which really stunk because I think we were missing the ‘s’ book and that was the biggest one! Anyways I digress, moving forward. As you can see, I blame part of my lack of organization due to a scattered brain 🙂

As I continued through my highlighted and marked pages there were a couple of those items that stood out, for example, “clearing out the deadweight” and “clutter is not putting things back where they belong”. I know that my main problem is moving on from one task to the next without putting things back where they belong. As I said before I have a very small house and I don’t have a lot of storage, but there is where the de-crappify comes into play.

The book then jumps over to the “Cost of Clutter”. It goes into how clutter can cost you time, money, health, space, and reputation/relationships! If the threat of losing those things doesn’t scare you I don’t know what would.

I’m sure many of you have started searching for ways to organize all the STUFF in you life. One way that I have started researching is through Pinterest, of course. I created a board and started looking for ideas. Now I have to actually start to put those ideas into play!

Join me and let’s all de-crappify our lives.


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