The Holiday Season Is Upon Us…

2012-12-23 22.05.08

Family BINGO night!

As we gather this week to celebrate our holiday traditions by spending time with friends and family we may find ourselves by playing with new gadgets and taking photos to remember the events that have taken place. My family gathered last night to play a tradition game of family BINGO. For those of you who are not familiar with my family we have what’s called “Larson Rules” for any and all games that we play. As we like to say… “either you are in or out” and you better play to win!

To illustrate this our competition nature that my family posses here’s a quick story that I was told when I was very small. You see my mother was about 8+ months pregnant with me and of course my family decided to play a little friendly “game” of volleyball. Wanting to win, my grandfather jumped up and spiked the ball on my very pregnant mother. Not to worry, she was fine, and I believe that I was fine… or at least I still think I’m fine 36 years years later. Thinking back on our family traditions some might think we they are a little weird and quirky but they are still our traditions. And remember to practice like you play and play like you practice!

I am curious as to what kind of new gadgets and bit of technologies that we will get this year! I know that at this point I would love the Samsung Galaxy S3 but I don’t think that is going to happen. My phone provider is Verizon and if you haven’t heard yet if you buy a new phone and/or upgrade your plan you are going to lose your unlimited data. I for one cannot lose my unlimited data! I personally don’t use too much but I don’t like the idea of being limited to only 2 GIGS a month! Long story longer… if I want a Galaxy S3 and want to keep my unlimited data I have to purchase the phone at the full price of $699 and add it to my plan. Not to worry, I’m not going to pay $699 for a phone, I’m going in search of finding one that someone else purchased at full price but then figured out that the Android OS is “too complicated” to learn. LOL. I have actually heard that before. I still don’t understand how the Android OS is too complicated but to each their own and who am I to judge! I wish you all the best I can’t want to see what kind of new gadgets you get this year!


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