Instagram, Branding, Blogging, Micro-Blogging… OH MY!!!!

Photo: Why Instagram

Why should you use Instagram as part of your branding.

This weekend I was able to attend this year’s Geekend in Savannah, GA. This is my first time attending the event and what can I say but it is a “Creative Geek’s” dream come true. If you have not heard of Geekend you may want to visit or take a look at their Twitter account @geekend2012. Basically this year’s conference, at least the sessions I attended, were targeted to how to promote and market yourself both as a creative person as well as how to creativity market your business.

A lot of what I heard was about how all these people had such creative ideas but they are held back by their superiors. It seems that there are a lot of people out there scared of technologies and thinking outside the box, if you will. It was very interesting to listen to how others are using things like Instagram to promote their businesses and develop their brand. I thought Heather Nagel, from Morris Communications, had an interesting take on branding. She talked about how everyone in the company is apart of the brand, from the person who answers the phone to the the person to handles an angry comment on Facebook to how the Executives handle themselves in public.

While at the conference not only did I hear countless story about how people created their companies and all the hard work put into it but I was able to meet some truly creative and inspiring people! All this and I have only attending a day and a half of the conference! Today is our last day of the conference and I can’t wait to see what they have in store. I’m sure I’ll have to write another post tomorrow to let everyone know about what I learned today!

I’ll leave you with a quote I heard during one of yesterday’s sessions: “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to loss. If no mistake have you made,yet losing you are… a different game you should play.” -Yoda


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