Livescribe / Evernote – Recording lectures

This past summer while walking around a local office supply store I ran across the Livescribe Echo Pen ( I decided to purchase it because the following weekend I was on my way to one of my annual conferences. It seems like every conference I go to there are always multiple sessions that I want to go to that are offered at the same time. If I know that a friend is attending one of the workshops that I wanted to attend at the same time there is another workshop, I’ll ask them to take notes for me. Of course, I rarely get a copy of their notes and when they tell me what they have learned they take a whole hour session and sum it up in about 5 minutes. I am sure there is a lot of vital information that I missed L I found the Livescribe Echo pen to be perfect for those situations. I can take notes and then just send the other person a “pencast” of the notes. They have all that was said in audio format as well as all the visual/recorded notes that I have written.

The more I thought about how AWESOME the Livescibe Echo Pen really is for me and for my professional development it made me want to not only talk to all my high school students but the teachers as well. I really wish that I had something like this in high school, especially for math lessons or in college for Art History lectures. I think about how much easier, for me, it would have been to study. I really believe that the majority of students out there and I don’t just mean high school, college, middle, elementary but as life long learners in about adulthood for professional development would REALLY benefit from the use of the Livescribe Pen.

With this purchase, I was also able to get a FREE year of Evernote Premium. You can read my other postings on Evernote. It is another product that I absolutely LOVE!


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