I don’t know about you but this holiday season has been a little easier this year with the help of my new friend, PINTEREST! ( For me, as an artist I look for inspiration everywhere around me and Pinterest has made this task easier. My family loved gift ideas as well as the individual upside down pineapple cake that I made. Instead of putting cherries in the middle I like to put jam in the middle instead. I also was inspired to make “pasta pie” and calzones for a few family dinners. I think today I am going to try a peach calzone with a glaze on top. Not only has pinterest inspired me to cook different treats this holiday season but I created some amazing gifts, if I don’t say so myself, for friends and family. Speaking of family we also used Pinterest to make our Christmas lists as well as creative ways to display our “elf on the shelf”. If you have not visited Pinterest yet and you are looking for inspiration and creativity you should take some time and look it over.

NOTE: Be warned!!!! Pinterest can become very addicting!!!!


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