Have You Heard of the Blue Plate/Light Diet?


Each year when I teach my students about color theory we talk about how it can change the way people feel and think. I’m nit sure What your favorite color would be, mine is purple but according to Crayola the color RED is the most popular color crayon. How does your favorite make you feel? I assume happy since it is your favorite! That being said let’s take a look at the color blue and why it may be important to you. Take a moment and think about it but have you seen any food found in nature that is BLUE? Before you say blueberry, it is actually dark purple or almost black. Please reply to this post if you can think of any food that is naturally blue. Research has shown that because of the fact that you do not find food that have a natural hue of blue, people do NOT find the color blue to be appetizing. Can you guess to two colors that make you the hungry the MOST? Did you guess RED and YELLOW? If so, you are correct 🙂 yay!!!! So lesson learned here, because we don’t find the color BLUE appetizing you should eat off of a BLUE plate. Researchers say that you will actually consume less food by eating off a BLUE plate. Some research has taken it a bit further and has suggested that you replace the light in your refrigerator with a blue light. You food will appear to be less appetizing. So, if you want to try a different type of diet the homeopathic way try the blue plate or blue light diet



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