How to view someone’s BLOG on your iGoogle page

iGoogleSo many people want to share valuable information on the web and they do it through things called “blogs”. The word blog comes from we”b-log”. Some people may use their blog like a diary of sorts while others use it as a way to communicating BURSTS of information that they want to share with the world. I personally like to read technology blogs. As we all know technology changes so quickly and I find that this is the only way that I can keep up with the fast changes that happen. So here’s the question, How do I read all of the blogs?
I like to use my page. If you do not have a iGoogle account just go to and click on “sign-in” to create a google account and follow the directions on setting up your iGoogle page. It is very easy but I must warn you…. once you get started you may find yourself sucked in for a while 🙂 One you create your page you will see a link in the upper right corner that says “add gadget”. Do a search and add the Google Reader gadget to your iGoogle page.  After you have inserted your Google Reader Gadget just click on it and it will open Google Reader. You will notice there is an “Add Subscription” link in the upper left corner. Finally you just past the URL (web address) of the blog that you would like to follow! DONE!!! Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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